Davi Mai


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The people are oppressed. The King is corrupt. A rebellion has ended in murder and mayhem. But never mind all that because everybody loves a royal wedding!
Evil Prince Erik has discovered the bride he needs to secure his grip on the throne. But the idea doesn't grip his betrothed, peasant girl Jenny. Already in the shit, she doubles down with an escape through the castle's sewers. Her trusty raven, Croak, is never far behind, ready to peck the eyes out of anyone harming his mistress. Unless they have shiny things.
Meanwhile, in Rosie's Tavern, Leo the Licker indulges his voracious appetite for stew, ale, and lady parts. The men of the village discover who's been pleasuring their wives, and all hell breaks loose. Enter Jenny, with Erik's soldiers hot on her tail, under orders to bring her hot tail back to the castle. The unlikely couple find themselves flung together and on the run. Or in fat Leo's case, on the fast walk.
Can Jenny ever escape the horny Prince? Will Leo stop eating and drinking long enough to help? And is there romance in the air, or is that just Leo's dodgy tummy?
Davi Mai
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