Tonya Love

The 20 Types Of Bitches In The World

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This is hands down the most controversial yet humorous book that will ever read on the subject of women who think and act like bitches. I am a woman myself so before you hastily jump to the conclusion that this book is some sort of misogynist rant about women rest assured that it is not. Instead it is a close examination of what you probably already know that women can be bitches.

In fact, there are many different types of bitches that exist in the world today. In this particular book I’ve have identified 20 such types and I discuss them in great detail. Some of the types you may be familiar with and others you may not be however, I’m almost certain that you have encountered at least one or two of these types of bitches in your life or perhaps you may even be one of them yourself. Nonetheless, strap yourself in and be prepared to be entertained and educated about the 20 types of bitches that exist in the world.
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