Rick Otton

How to get people to give you money

In this book you will find language maps-simple key words and phases, questions and scripts that will have people wanting to give you more money or things of value as knowing the right language structure will simply get you more than you expected.

The conscious mind and its decisions come from the thought patterns and instructions of the subconscious. In this book we share the techniques to making the subconscious our friend in order to influence and persuade. By have the information delivered in song form as well spoken words helps the thought box retain the information learnt,

Why people do and what people say is answered in this music book as well as supplying the tools required to influence what people do and what people say. Rick otton has spent his life work understanding the various ways humans communicate and therefore shares how this can be influenced. By using examples, stories and songs you will quickly learn how to change your style of communication if your looking to achieve different results
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