Richard Rogers

Peruvian stand-off

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Suzie is passionately in love with Taryn. Unable to join him on holiday in Peru, she longs for his return. But as the Covid pandemic worsens, Peru goes into lockdown. She struggles to make contact, but he’s never been a great communicator at the best of times. And then she discovers what’s been posted online…
It appears that, far from being locked down, Taryn is getting about just fine. In fact, he's having the time of his life in his tropical paradise hideaway. And far from social distancing, he’s enjoying the company of a beautiful new friend.
Peruvian stand-off is a short story from the series Love (and hate) in a time of Covid. The stories get under the skin of everyday people under exceptional circumstances. The new challenges of everyday living bring out the best and worst in a diverse set of characters, revealing hope and desperation in equal measures.
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