Laura Baker

Physics for Curious Kids (Unabridged)

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What is sound? How does gravity work? Why do the tides change? It's all physics, of course! This audiobook is packed with clear explanations of the world of physics, including matter and motion, space and time, energy and forces. A fascinating, immersive STEM journey, this audiobook covers many core topics in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way. Big new concepts come to life through an engaging, energetic text. Kids will love sharing these facts with friends and family! Explore exhilarating new ideas about: • astrophysics: the Big Bang, the moon, space exploration... • optics: the speed of light, refraction, illusions... • acoustics: sound waves, the doppler effect, supersonic sound... • applied physics: engineering, aerodynamics, future technologies... Perfect for scientists aged 8-12.
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