Augusta Huiell Seaman

The Slipper Point Mystery

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The Slipper Point Mystery (1919) is a youth adventure novel by Augusta Huiell Seaman. "Down on the sand was a signboard which said: 'CHILDREN MUST NOT PLAY IN THE BOATS.' Nevertheless, she sat on the prow of one, this girl of fourteen, digging her bare toes aimlessly in the sand, and by her side on the prow-seat sat a tiny child of about three, industriously sucking the thumb of her right hand, while she pulled at a lock of her thick straight hair with her left. So she sat, saying nothing, but staring contentedly out over the water. The older girl wore a blue skirt and a soiled white middy-blouse. She had dark brown eyes and thick auburn hair, hanging down in a ropelike braid. Her face was somewhat freckled, and apart from her eyes and hair she was not particularly pretty." BUT, she had a secret discovery on Slipper Point, and she shares it with a new friend…


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