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7-Day Detox Challenge

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Detox Your Body With Your "7-Day Detox Challenge"
Why are you reading this? Because:
- You get bloated all the time and it's weighting you down.
- You find yourself constantly fatigue, dizzy, and distracted.
- You easily suffer from bad mood, annoyance, and aches.
- You experience skin problems such as sore, itch, and irritation.
- You feel your body is out of balance from its proper working state.
Many of these symptoms, as well as others (e.g., bad breath) can be signs that disease-causing toxins have built up in your body. Even if you are not sick, toxins are keeping you from feeling as energetic and looking as good as you could—and that's where detoxification comes in.
Detox is a process that accelerates the body’s natural cleansing functions by amplifying the effects of a healthy diet. After the detox, continuing a healthy diet will prolong the benefits you jump-started from your internal purification.
Now, approaching a detox may seen overwhelming and take months to perform—however, it is perfectly doable one day at a time for only seven days and will leave you feeling better and even looking better in no time!
With the "7-Day Detox Challenge," you get a simple daily plan for detox of one organ or system in a specific order that yields the maximum result:
- Colon Detox: hydrotherapy and natural oral treatments
- Liver Detox: special smoothie and follow-up diet
- Lymphatic System Detox: deep surface cleansing
- Kidneys Detox: simple homemade juice treatment
- Lungs Detox: soothing tea and follow-up foods
- Skin Detox: natural topical, water, and healthy foods
- Total Body Detox: overall purge and final wrap-up
Each daily regimen offers lists of healthy foods and methods for cleansing that day’s system. No expensive or hard-to-find products are used—just fresh, healthy foods, clean water, and other things you can find in your home or local stores. Simply follow it one day at a time, for 7 days—and enjoy better health through detox. You can do this!
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