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Agile Project Management

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Agile Project Management: Quick-Start Guide For Beginners And How To Implement Agile Step-By-Step (agile development, agile methodology)Agile is providing useful even to those outside the software development industry as it enables the readers to observe and analyze their circumstances and then determine the suitable approach. It discusses at length how Agile project management principles and practices empower project managers to adapt to and manage effectively a new kind of innovative product development.
This book will be useful to those Agile beginners who want a better understanding of what agile is all about. The methods and techniques are described in a simple way to understand language and in this regard, this book forms a useful collection of recipes for people wanting to try out many of its agile methods and techniques.There are some people who perhaps think that there is no need of project management methods these days. That either Agile don't require them, or Agile is somehow incompatible with them. Those people will also benefit from this book because it clearly shows how agile methods which were never designed for project management can be combined with an international project management methodology to help leverage the strengths of both.
Its greatest benefit, however, will be those people working on projects and want to understand better how to incorporate Agile into their projects. The book is a very practical guide on how and when Agile methods can be used in order to get the full benefits of Agile.
Harry Altman
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