Benjamin Ramakrishna

The Hamster Wheel is not Motorized

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Busting 22 myths that seemingly restrain us from being fully alive.
Changing the world by finding out who you truly are.
Through our upbringing, we learn to eventually give in to a lifestyle characterized by shallow relationships, a feeling of numbness and suffering. Instead of navigating through life with a clear inner sense of direction, we are other-directed constantly trying to fill a seeming lack inside us.
Using a fresh, unconventional and truth-provoking style, Benjamin Ramakrishna challenges the inner and outer status quo by busting 22 myths from our everyday life that seemingly hinder us from being fully alive and present in whatever we do at any given moment. The raison d’être of this book is not to suggest yet another path leading to truth, but to point towards the essence within us illuminating any path we may be on – whether it is in personal life, business or professional sports.
This book is an invitation to discover that you already are what you are looking for.
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