Richard Conner

Truth Time

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If having the mindset, skills, and tools to see your money future clearly today so that you can change it now for a better tomorrow is valuable to you, and it ought to be if you want to build a business, live the life of your dreams, or realise your vision sooner rather than later without losing your shirt, then Flowcasting™ is definitely for you.
HuffPost includes bad budgeting and overspending and unplanned or unexpected changes in personal, work-related, and professional circumstances in their article 10 Reasons People Go Bankrupt.
Meanwhile, Business Insider reports 82% of failed small business owners cited cash flow problems as the main reason while 29% claim to have run out of cash.
Minor financial missteps and extremely disastrous money management failures are the unwanted bedfellow outcomes of prolonged unconscious Value Resource Overstretch.
Your time, money, creativity, purpose, intention, inaction, and action are the primary assets with the power to help, hinder, or hijack your present and future financial success. Where and when the chips fall depends on whether they're blindly squandered reactively or proactively managed with foresight.
With Flowcasting™ you'll possess the seer-like ability of the uncommon but lucky few to perceive the truth behind your money movements over time.
Armed with this enduring self-knowledge you will start and continue actively realising your vision and not just waste more time and money idealising it.
⚠ If you’ve read any of the ‘Flowcasting • See Your Money Future’ books you’ve already read this book.
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