Guy de Maupassant,Howard Lovecraft,Robert Bloch,Ian Gordon,Everil Worrell,Malcolm Ferguson,P.F. Stern

Diary Horror

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Fifteen stories told through the recovered pages of diaries/journals.
What Killed Granded? by Ian Gordon (HorrorBabble, 2020)
An investigation told through a series of audio logs.
The Diary of Alonzo Typer by H. P. Lovecraft (Weird Tales, 1938)
An occult researcher disappears without a trace.
The Horror in the Lighthouse by E. A. Poe and R. Bloch (Fantastic, 1953)
Bloch completes Poe's famous fragment.
The Diary of Philip Westerly by Paul Compton (WT, 1936)
Unsettling incidents involving a mirror.
Notebook Found in a Deserted House by Robert Bloch (WT, 1951)
A boy hides from 'them ones'.
The Hall Bedroom by M. E. W. Freeman (Short Story Classics, 1905)
A peculiar room in a boarding house.
The Diary of a Madman by Guy de Maupassant (Le Gaulois, 1885)
The thoughts of an undiscovered murderer.
The Polar Vortex by Malcolm Ferguson (WT, 1946)
A terrible experiment.
The Impossible Adventure by H. T. W. Bousfield (WT, 1940)
A curious set of notes.
The Bed of Shadows by Fred R. Farrow, Jr. (WT, 1929)
What lurked above the man in the bed?
The Way Home by P. F. Stern (WT, 1935)
A man suffering from amnesia.
The Floor Above by M. Humphreys (WT, 1923)
A man's troubling stay with an old friend.
The Horla by Guy de Maupassant (1887)
A man is haunted by an invisible presence.
The Hollow Moon by Everil Worrell (WT, 1939)
A vampire and strange icebergs.
The Green Meadow by H. P. Lovecraft (The Vagrant, 1927)
A notebook found in a meteorite.
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