Lance Henderson

The Invisibility Toolkit

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Your sovereignty is under attack.
You don't need the red pill to see it because you've already been unplugged. It's all around you. Well, sometimes a victim decides to stop being a victim.
Within this book lies top secrets known only to the FBI and a few law enforcement agencies: How to disappear in style and retain assets. How to switch up multiple identities on the fly and be invisible such that no one; not your ex, not your parole officer, nor even the federal government can find you. Ever.
The Invisibility Toolkit is the ultimate guide for anyone who values their privacy or needs to disappear. Whether you're running from stalkers or hit men or overzealous cops or divorce courts, you owe it to yourself to learn how to protect your greatest asset: You and your family! But be warned. Going incognito is dangerous and for that you need a dangerous book. This book is one the NSA doesn't want you to read! It's stuff you won't see in any James Bond or Bourne film or even Burn Notice. But if you love freedom, this book is mandatory reading because it's life-saving reading.
You'll learn:
- How to disappear using CIA counter-surveillance techniques in the Far East
- How to wear a perfect disguise.
- How to bring down a drone.
- How to be invisible in Canada, Thailand, China or the Philippines.
- How to use crypto on the run.
- How to fool skip tracers.
- How to sneak into/out of Canada or anywhere else
- How spies use networking to be anonymous.
- Edward Snowden's opsec.
- Opsec in foreign countries.
- Linux, Android, Iphone Security and Online Privacy
Topics: how to protect your assets, assertiveness, survive like a spy, hidden wealth, burner phones, how to be invisible, analyze people with dark psychology, how to disappear/live off the grid, cold war, spycraft the easy way, encryption made simple, Privacy and Surveillance, hackproof your home, starting over, art of being invisible, drone threats & stalkers, person of interest, anti-hacking, bankruptcy
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