Seth C. Clow, Thorben Porche Godin

Tribes: The Ultimate Guide To Create a Following For Your Business Using Social Media

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“Social media marketing is about identifying the essence of engagement.”
~Edgerank Checker
Tribes on social media are not connected by blood relationships but the internet itself allows users from all over the world to create groups or “families.” Families that can have members from all over the world whom they share common values, shared interest, goals, and interests.
For any business to become successful, it is critical they learn how powerful the use of Tribes on social media will boost their popularity and sales. This book will offer guidance and show how to set up a Tribe. It will allow you to use the internet to promote your business where traditional print media fail.
Tribes are a relatively new feature of social media culture. They have grown to an outstanding success for those that invest in the time to use them. Why not use the internet to make connects worldwide?
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