Martin K. Ettington

Building and Sending Interstellar Probes

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Man has dreamed of travelling to the stars for as long as he knew that those points of light in the sky were stars like the Sun.
Now, in the 21st century there are actual studies and plans to send interstellar space probes to the nearest stars. Probably to Alpha Centauri which is only 4.3 light years away.
What is the history of plans to get to the nearest star? And what are the plans today to make these ideas a reality?
In this book we explore the history of the scientific effort to send “Star Probes” and how they will be built.
Plans for building interstellar probes are discussed and the technology we need to build to get there is reviewed too.
How will we be able to send them at a significant fraction of the speed of light to get there in many persons lifetimes? And what technologies will we need to develop to make this happen?
This is the start of an amazing true life adventure.
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