Dale Mayer


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Book 21: The K9 Files
Doing a wellness check on a War Dog—now in the care of a woman who trains therapy dogs—Declan sees the aftermath of an attack. The trainer hopes for some assistance in how to work with the War Dog, Shelby, but apparently someone didn’t want Carly working with Shelby at all. Or was the attack connected to something else in Carly’s past?
Carly has been through enough heartache for a lifetime. Her parents were murdered a few years back, leaving her alone in the world; even worse, the case was never solved, leaving her stuck in the past. She’d done her best to move on, … but this attack brings it all back.
The situation goes from bad to worse, as yet another attack involves an old friend, as he tries to explain something about her parents’ case to her. It’s hard for Carly to believe, but is it possible that the attacks on her connect to her parents’ murders? From Declan’s point of view, how can it not?
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