Hellen Heels

Crossdressing Stories

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Could she be wearing panties under that dress, he wondered. But her dress was so tight around her ass and he was sure he had not seen any pant lining.
It must be a G-string, he concluded.
He felt his heart tighten again as he thought about her wearing a G-string.
What wouldn’t he do to see her take off that G-string and hand it over to him?
What wouldn’t he do?
Almost anything.
At that moment, the phone on his desk began to ring. He took his mind off Ashley’s body and took the call. The call was for one of their departments. He quickly transferred it and turned his attention to Ashley again.
She was flipping through a magazine. He found himself wondering what she was reading in them.
Just then the doors slid open and a man with a blue suit came in. He walked up to where he was. “Good morning,” Carl said with a smile. “How can I be of help to you?”
Hellen Heels
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