J.S.Fletcher,Arthur Morrison,W.f. harvey

Fifty Spellbinding Stories

A fast-paced and varied collection of captivating short stories ranging from action thrillers to poignant tear-jerkers to the downright weird.

1. Jerry Bundler by W. W. Jacobs
2. The Umbrella Mender by Beatrice Harraden
3. Green Ink by J. S. Fletcher
4. Why Herbert Killed His Mother by Winifred Holtby
5. The Red Mark by Israel Zangwill
6. The White Kid Glove by J. S. Fletcher
7. Sophy Mason Comes Back by E. M. Delafield
8. The Influence Fails by J. S. Fletcher
9. The Cry of a Century by Richard Middleton & Edgar Jepson
10. Royal Visitors by E. F. Benson
11. The Last Adventure by Richard Middleton
12. The Child in the Garden by Leonard Merrick
13. Arthur Jermyn by H. P. Lovecraft
14. Skinflint by J. S. Fletcher
15. The House of Haddock by Arthur Morrison
16. The Mad Hatter by Morley Roberts
17. The Disorder of the Bath by Arthur Morrison
18. The Secret of the Barbican by J. S. Fletcher
19. The Ankardine Pew by W. F. Harvey
20. The Mystery of the Octagon Room by Eimar O'Duffy
Plus thirty more riveting stories.
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