David Whitelaw

The Princess Galva

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The Princess Galva is a romantic novel by David Whitelaw. Excerpt from the book: "If there's anything I can do for you——" began the junior, brushing his hair in front of a little mirror and settling his purple tie nervously. "No, Joynings; nothing, I thank you. I'm leaving you old Brown's looking-glass and soap-box—they're fixtures, and go with the position." The junior tittered a little at this and pulled down the front of his fancy waistcoat, lit a cigarette, and took a pair of roller-skates from the drawer of his desk. He came over and held out his hand. "Right, then I'll be popping along—good luck, old man, and all that. You'll drop into something soon. If I hear of anything——" "Oh, I'll be all right," said Edward Povey. There is always a certain fascination in change and elation in abnormal conditions, even if those conditions constitute a misfortune.
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