Lionel B. Harris


Before I decided to write this book, I lived by an ironclad code. Many years prior to Spike Lee filming “Do The Right Thing,” I was obsessed with that premise, both, morally and spiritually. In addition, I've been on a lifelong quest to be a tangible blessing and inspiration to everyone I interact with, and especially children. I thoroughly believe that outward and inner joy is achieved by making others happy and bringing the very best out in them. I'm convinced that WE, as human beings, are meant to be flesh and blood blessings to one another — and not sources of anguish and suffering.

If an intelligent and fair-minded person takes a moment to consider my enduring code, they will understand why I am upset and opposed to a man like 'Donald Trump' and why I deem him a total disaster as a U.S. President. If Mr. Trump has any redeeming qualities, they have alluded me. Honestly, I do not believe he has any qualms with “Doing the 'wrong' thing” and that is totally vexing to me.
185 printed pages
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