Lippi Daniele

The Little Cloud Dragon

This is a story about courage, respect, friendship, a fairy tale for young and old that will give a little joy and amazement in its simplicity to all.
This is the story of a dragon, or rather a little dragon: the little cloud dragon. A little dragon that loves to jump, but cannot do so on his soft cloud.
This is the story of a girl who becomes friends with him. A girl who finds a playmate in the little dragon.
This is a story about the beauty of giving and the joy of receiving.
This is a story about courage, respect and friendship.
A fairy tale for young and old that will give you a little joy and amazement in its simplicity. The perfect story to make your children fall asleep with a smile on their faces and wonder in their eyes (at least to my daughter it always has had this effect).
27 printed pages
Original publication
Caio Magliano


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