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Esther Perel: The Truth About Infidelity, Intimacy, and Love

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Wow, I already know this is going to be another one of the most popular episodes on the podcast to date.

The first time the queen of relationships, Esther Perel, came on the podcast, she blew me away with her insights about love and intimacy. (A few hundred thousand downloads of that episode later and I know I'm not the only one).

So when she told me her new book was about infidelity and unpacking why people cheat (especially when it's on the people they still love), I knew it was going to be a powerful conversation.

Esther spoke just last month at the second annual Summit of Greatness, and she was by far one of the most popular speakers. (People were booing me as I had to wrap up our Q&A because they wanted to hear more from her.)

She has an incredible ability to speak the truth in a way that cuts you to the core and also makes you feel safe to explore topics we usually don't talk about.
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