Tenisha J White

What About Me?

Imagine waking up to find that your routinely-scheduled plans have been disrupted? In life, we assume that there will always be a tomorrow. What would you do if there was no tomorrow and today is all you have? In What About Me? Laravia Howard lived her life conforming to the status quo of her tumultuous upbringing. Her mother, Gwen, taught her that there was no God and in order to survive in this life, you have to fend for yourself. Laravia spend most of her life cleaning up behind her mother and trying to protect her image. She tries to escape the responsibility of being her mother's daughter through a summer romance, only to find that the man of her dreams is one of the biggest mistake she ever made. The abuse and degradation she experience at the hand of her lover nearly destroyed her life…permanently. Although she was raised that the notion of a God was silly and unreal, she is determined that if He truly exists; then, she was going to get to know Him and make sure that He knows her, too. What About Me? is a teenager's journal of “growing pains” and her quest to find the truth about life, love, and spiritual living.
141 printed pages
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