Ann Guindi

How To Be Your Own Health Visitor: The Complete Guide to Breast or Bottle Feeding, Weaning, Sleeping, Immunisation, Growth and Development, Behavioural Issues and much more

*Babies don't come with an instruction manual!* That is why this practical guide to making your family life less stressful and more rewarding book is for you. 'How To Be Your Health Visitor' will impart the knowledge you need and empower you to decide how to parent your child.

Ann Guindi's book provides hints and tips to help you enrich your children's development. It is the complete guide to breast/bottle feeding, weaning, sleeping, immunisation, growth and development, behavioural issues and much more. PLUS two bonus chapters that will enrich your parenting experience.

As an added bonus it includes the tool often used by the professionals to recognise Post-Natal Depression, along with the ten questions most frequently asked of health visitors. It is a must read for all parents of children from birth to five years.

Are you tired of well-meaning family and friends giving you conflicting information and advice about childcare? Drawing on Ann's own 30 years of experience working with the 'under fives' in both health and education, while bringing up her own four children and talking to thousands of parents over the years while carrying out one-on-one home visits, Ann bring fresh
insights to parenting. Full of practical advice and tips, How To Be Your Health Visitor' is the number one resource for parents who want to be their own healthcare giver.

When you use these strategies, not only will your children become more cooperative, but also more confident, self-reliant and considerate. These tips really work!

Ann Guindi is an expert in the field of child development and all aspects of children's health and has worked with helping thousands of families as a professional health visitor over the last 30 years, helping them to resolve their issues.

Here is what others are saying;

“Ann's experience speaks for itself. As a new mum I worried about every little detail and therefore completely understand that the comfort Ann's knowledge and advice gives new parents is huge and wish Ann had been my health visitor!”
– Karen, Founder of

“When I had my daughter, Ann gave me excellent advice and guidance on my breastfeeding. I would highly recommend her book”.
– Ramona, mother to Rebecca 5 months

“A really useful book, I particularly liked the bonus chapters on ideas of games to play with your child and the section on temperament.”
– Helen, mother to Joel 10 months
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