Gayle Mann,Lucy-Rose Walker

Misadventures in Entrepreneuring

Misadventures in Entrepreneuring® is the brainchild of Lucy-Rose Walker and Gayle Mann who, combined, have been personally involved in the start-up, growth and eventual sale of Entrepreneurial Spark over the last 7 years. They have experienced their own “misadventures’ as well as the many
misadventures of the 4000+ entrepreneurs they have worked with along the way,
most of which were entirely psychological.

It focuses on the psychology of entrepreneuring® and how
crucial it is to getting in, and out, of many of the most common misadventures.
Dispelling myths about the daily challenges entrepreneurs face, and providing
reassurance and inspiration, Misadventures in Entrepreneuring® delivers support
and guidance to entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes through the authors’
story and those of many other entrepreneurs as they cope day to day.

If you feel like your business has taken over your
life, if you love what you do but struggle to juggle all your priorities, if you sometimes forget what you dreamed of when you started — this book is for
200 printed pages
Original publication


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