Juliana Baldec

Juicing To Lose Weight: Intermittent Fasting Juices

Juicing To Lose Weight BONUS – Includes a FREE copy of my collection of “Delicious & Healthy Juicing Recipes” that have helped me stay healthy, fit, lean & clean. Using a combination of these delicious healthy low calorie juicing recipes from this collection plus following a strict 2 month Juicing diet with the juicing recipes that are included in this book, Juliana Baldec has been able to lose 40 lbs over two months. She has been able to stick to healthy juices after her juicing diet and this change of habit has helped her develop and maintain a lean body and a clear mind. Inside you will learn what juicing can do for you. There is an unlimited array of health benefits of juicing and Juicing to lose weight is one aspect of juicing. Inside this book Juliana will focus on juicing to loose weight and show you exactly how she lost 20 lbs in 60 days, but here are some more powerful benefits that you might consider about the power of getting yourself into a juicing habit.
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