Jennifer Becker

Saving Destiny

Mike “Tiny” has a secret. One he's been keeping from his teammates over the past several months. He'd met someone. It was quite by accident. He's suffered from one of his too often perils with bullets and went to a nearby hospital and that's where he met her. He's instantly fallen head over heels for her. He started faking injuries to see her. There was only one problem. He was shy with women. True, he was almost seven feet tall and wasn't afraid to take on an insurgent with his bare hands. But being around Destiny he was tongue-tied and always felt out of sorts. There's also the deflating knowledge that Destiny only sees him as a friend and nothing more. He couldn't ask his friends for advice. They would only tease him. So he selfishly keeps quiet about her and buries his love for her deep inside. Destiny had been drawn to Mike since the moment he walked into her grandma's hospital room. He became an anchor for her and a best friend. He reminds her of a gentle giant and treats her like the finest china. The more time she spends with him she realizes her feelings are much deeper than friendship, but Mike doesn't see her that way. She's just the woman he always hangs out with out of pity because of her sick grandma. When Destiny's mom and her lastest beau breeze into town their relationship will be put to the test and a growing danger to her grandma. Will they finally be able to tell each other how they really feel about each other or will a dangerous foe intervene before they can explore their true feelings.
212 printed pages
Original publication



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